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Smarter cleaning through digital intelligence

The Tork EasyCube™ cleaning software helps save time while increasing the quality of cleaning throughout your facility. 

How? Real-time data is organised and prioritized based on the real cleaning needs of your facility, empowering managers and cleaning teams act on what is really needed.


A whole new level of efficiency

Sensor technology in connected devices, like visitor counters and soap dispenser systems, continuously transmits information to the Tork EasyCube software about cleaning and refill needs. 

Managers and cleaning teams know exactly where attention is needed, and can avoid over- and under cleaning. 

Let the Internet of Things take away the guesswork! 


Optimise resources over time

With the help of real-time information, Tork EasyCube™ helps cleaning management make the best use of their resources, both on a daily basis and over the long term. 

Smart analytics monitor performance against KPIs, helping ensure the highest quality of cleaning with the most efficient use of resources.

EasyCube_digital cleaning.tif

Facility cleaning meets digital Intelligence

device + wifi.png

Connected devices

Sensor technology in Tork digital dispensers, visitor counter units and DCUs measure visitor numbers and refill levels
ipad + screen.png

Facility management software for cleaners

Real-time data from these connected devices is collected, prioritised and displayed in the Tork EasyCube™ software, empowering cleaners to work smarter.
macbook + screen.png

Smart analytics for managers

Cleaning statistics and objective KPIs help managers optimise resources for increased efficiency.