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Tork Xpressnap is the only napkin dispenser system that reduces napkin consumption and offers a digital DIY marketing tool that allows you to create and share your marketing message instantly on social media, or print and display it in your dispenser’s Ad-a-Glance® advertising panels. 
Creating an ad is simple. Just follow these 4 quick steps.

  1. Identify your message
  2. Choose a template or make your own
  3. Save your design
  4. Promote your message in store and on social media!

Learn how Ken and Grace use Tork Xpressnap to drive business

Getting creative with personalized marketing messages and professional designs supports your business objectives to increase traffic, check size and repeat business. Restaurant owners, Ken and Grace, share their stories on how they use Tork Xpressnap to boost their business.
Here are three ways in which Tork Xpressnap can help you achieve your business objectives:

  • Get social

    78% of fast casual restaurant-goers follow restaurant-related content on social media.. Use our digital tool to create a unique message and post it directly on your social media channels to increase traffic in your restaurant.

  • Be personal

    62% of restaurant-goers are more likely to return to your restaurant if they feel they had a personalized experience. So use our digital tool to share your restaurant’s heritage, community involvement or special offers. Restaurant-goers cite these as loyalty building.

  • Showcase

    21% of restaurant-goers will likely spend more than planned when presented with a tempting table-top-display message, such as images of a new appetizer, drink or dessert. Entice them with your custom marketing message – created here in minutes.

  • 57% of restaurant-goers agree that a personalized experience justifies higher prices.
  • 40% of restaurant-goers like to see the introduction of new menu items in their social media feed.

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Survey Disclaimer

*The survey was conducted Nov 17 to Dec 13, 2017 among a sample of 8289 Europeans aged 18-60 who had eaten at a restaurant at least once during the last month. Independent firm United Minds performed the survey using web panels provided by Cint.